Tuesday, 18 March 2008

JOINT SHOW by four FPS Members



11-26 APRIL 2008

272 High Street, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BP
01634 812108

Open 10am-5pm Monday- Saturday


The topic is "Atmosphere". Send in date 1 September 2008. The exhibition will be downstairs at Lauderdale House Highgate Hill from 8-22 December.

To submit work, please send a hard copy A5 or larger or disc to The FPS Committee, 14 John St London WC2 or email Jpeg images to

All entries need a £10 Cheque for entry fee made payable to ‘Free Painters & Sculptors’. A tear-off submission slip is available below. NB Work may be refused if it does not correspond to FPS standards of presentation and quality.

Please cut, paste, print out and send to The FPS Committee, 14 John St London WC2

Work 1(size framed, price before commission, medium, title)

Work 2(size framed, price before commission, medium, title)

Work 3(size framed, price before commission, medium, title)


At a recent Committee meeting, it was decided that we would go ahead with the venue of the crypt of St Pancras Church, in the Euston Rd. This approximate dates are 13-27th June 2009. Fees for participants will be £10 per sculpture or £50 for an installation. Work must be delivered to the venue, which does involve a set of about 20 stairs down to the crypt. Participants must be prepared to sit in for two days of the exhibition. We need to ensure that there are two people invigilating each day. If you yourself cannot be there, then arrange for a deputy, this is a requirement for participation. *

FPS will arrange some publicity, but we really rely on you sending out invites. This should be a prestigious show, especially as we haven’t really given sculptors much in the way of exhibition space recently. The health and security rules of galleries have tended to prevent us from showing three-dimensional work.

The space is varied and large, some pieces could be outside. Heavy sculpture can be accommodated, but might require special handling. Emily Young exhibits here regularly, showing large stone carvings.

As the space is slightly damp it is unsuitable for pictures and prints but artefacts could be hung on the walls.

Please contact Owen Legg at or by mail at "Woodcraft", 152 Hadlow Rd, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1PB

*Some FPS members may be willing to act as deputy invigilators.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Affordable Art Fair - Can we afford it?

The committee wishes to hire a space at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea and FPS members need to express an interest. The fee will vary depending on how many members are interested and are willing to pay a fee to exhibit

Please email Grace Kimble at
Or write to Pete Murry ( 18a Oxgate Gardens , London NW2 6EB


SPONSORED WALK for Artists’ Benevolent Institute with FPS

This charity provides help for artists who run into serious difficulties through no fault of their own. Artists or their relatives can apply to the AGBI at Burlington House for help.

Last year Owen Legg of FPS completed a 150 mile walk in 8 days along the Pilgrims’ way from Winchester to Canterbury. This year he will walk 132 miles on the Owen Glyndwr way. He will be staying in B&B’s, carrying his ordinary gear and even, weather permitting, doing some sketching. If you wish to support Owen cheques should be made out to "Free Painters and Sculptors" (charity no 246199) who will then forward the amounts donated in full to the AGBI (charity no 212667). By gift aiding your money you help FPS as well.

Please forward donations to Owen Legg, "Woodcraft", 152 Hadlow Rd, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1PB as follows:


I certify that I am a tax payer and this is a gift under the tax aid scheme.


Thanks for your letter (…) I was beginning to think that all my old life and old friends had sadly passed on.

I am happy to Know that the FPS is still in existence and I can tell the older members, that hopefully remember me, that I am still working on my sculpture most days of the week.
Last year I was invited to attend a sculpture symposium here in Oz, I carved into a seven tonne piece of sandstone, not bad for an old pom still in his 70’s. I couldn’t finish the sculpture in the two weeks allocated and paid for, so I went back for another week and finished off the work. It now sits proudly in a small park between Warwick and Stanhope, Queensland, should anyone be around that area.

I have enclosed a photograph of the work together with one (not shown) of a timber sculpture that in entered in the FPS’s members show held that year at the barbican centre. I helped, with other members, to hang the show under the direction of Roy Ramussen, is he still around I wonder?

I am an active member of our local sculpture society here on the Gold Coast, finishing this year a two year stint as the Vice President having held most of the committee positions in the past 19 years that I have been here. Time flys, but I still remember the good times back in London, and our little gallery at Buckingham Gate (….)

Yours sincerely
Eric Green
PS I will get an article with better photos together showing life here on the Gold coast.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Foyle's show March 2008: An Overview

Free Painters & Sculptors*

The 'Free Painters and Sculptors' is a society of artists with a long history of eclecticism. Thanks to the generosity of Nina Hosali the group became an educational arts charity in 1965 and actively promotes the free expression of all its members. This exhibition at Foyles Gallery on 'Movement', between the 3rd and 14th March inclusive, will incorporate a diverse interpretation of the theme. These range from Vivien Lodge's prints with their Surrealist appeal, to those artists who convey more traditional interpretations such as the dancing figures of Andres Insh or Silvana Desira.

The theme of football, expressed through Owen Legg's inventive wooden reliefs or more traditionally in oil by Keith Stanfield, contrasts with those in the group who enjoy the playfulness of childhood games or the movement inherent in Nature itself.

Styles may range from abstract to figurative and the discerning art lover will find artists of considerable talent with work at very affordable prices. This exhibition promises to be one that will inspire the viewer with its originality and creative flair.

(Penelope MacEwen, Chair FPS.)

Olive Cross 'White Sails'
Grace Kimble 'Storming'

Penelope MacEwan 'Skipping'

P.Murry 'AM' [ “The Rotating Phlegm Facilitator of Saffron Walden”]

Keith Stanfield 'Cirque du Soliel'

P.Murry 'Oarfish & Cuttlefish seldom converse'

Owen Legg 'Goal'

Keith Stanfield 'After the Match'
Olive Cross 'Heavy Seas'
Owen Legg 'NorwichTeam'

Demeter Haralabaki 'Moving Reflections'
Demeter Haralabaki 'Underwater Falls'
Janet Scott 'Southbank'
Olive Cross 'White Sails'

Silvana Desira 'Mime Artists II' [detail]
Pat Clarke 'Celestial Movement'

Silvana Desira 'Hellenic Wrestlers' [detail]

Andrew Insh 'Figures with a Winter Tree'

Andrew Insh 'Bird Stealing from a Hat'

Andrew Insh 'Figures in a Landscape with a Tree in Blossom'

Mariusz Kaldowski "Spiritual Movement"

FPS in 2007-8 by Penelope MacEwen

Works by Gerry Brookes [top to bottom] Flood, Bay [detail], Elements Water, Falls.

‘Free Painters and Sculptors’ was set up with a view to educating the British public in the visual arts and allowing artists freedom of expression. Too often have artists been constricted to either following a certain genre that has been done before, without recourse to their own creative inspiration. Equally many have tried to shock for the sake of shocking those who otherwise would seem immune to art altogether, in order to grab the headlines and some big money….How much therefore should we value a society that allows a plurality of styles and approaches!
‘Water’ was the subject matter for two exhibitions in 2007 : one at Lauderdale House, Highgate North London, and one at Foyles Gallery, Central London. This theme succeeded in bringing out multiple interpretations of the theme.

The Lauderdale House exhibition, set in the beautiful grounds of Waterlow Park, was an elegant setting for a private view infused with the wide variety of artists’ submissions and the atmospheric melodies of Ian Brown, a well respected professional pianist who agreed to play for us on the antique grand piano in the upper gallery. There was also a spread of wine and nibbles to celebrate the occasion.

For me some of the work most worth noting came from a newcomer to ‘Free Painters and Sculptors’. Gerry Brookes produced radiantly magical works that literally glowed. Her exquisite semi abstract works, were overlaid with collage and used a range of opaque and transparent colour that provided a feast of tactile elements to entice the viewer into the very private worlds of her interpretation of ‘Water’. They were also immaculately framed and presented and showed off the society’s talent at its best.

These elegant grounds and the architectural beauty of this Highgate venue was quite strikingly contrasted by the December exhibition at Foyles. Here the starkly white walls showed off artists’ work to great advantage. Elizabeth Sinclair Keith Stanfield and Vivien Lodge all sold work here and there were many favourable comments made by staff and viewers alike. Another new comer to the society: Andrew Insh showed off an atmospheric pointillist piece, whose dreamlike quality pervaded the entire space.

Again the private view was made into a memorable occasion by Grace Kimble and Owen Legg who raised money for the AGBI by selling tickets, one of Grace’s own watercolours being kindly donated as the prize. This idea for raising money along with Owen’s sponsored walks, we should definitely pursue again in future. It is important that we retain a vision of how the visual arts can actually positively impact on others lives and also not forget those who have spent all their lives pursuing creativity.
I therefore would like to thank the society for the opportunity of allowing me to be Chairman and wish Grace Kimble future success in this role as she takes over in 2008.

Penelope MacEwen