Sunday, 6 December 2009


Owen is retiring as FPS secretary, this is his address to the FPS agm which took place on 30/11/2009.

“ I have been a member of FPS since 1968 and had my early exhibitions with them at the Loggia Gallery, Buckingham gate. I used to help with the annual open show Trends at the Mall Gallery.

But, going back to full time General Practice in 1979 there was much less time available for involvement with the group. Prior to retirement in 1998, I volunteered to go onto the committee and was given the job of Publicity Officer. To this I brought no aptitude and was transferred to the Secretaryship within a year. After a decade I feel that it is time for someone else to replace me.

We have had much heartache over these years. Dwindling and aging membership is the biggest problem. Then our host organisation SPANA needed to expand their premises. The only way for them was to move to John St. So we lost our gallery, but they kindly continued to provide a meeting room and storage facilities. We have the privilege of having John St as our business address.

Our latest problem has been the fall in value of our reserve funds. The accounts reveal this loss which has been common for many during this financial crisis. Nevertheless we have continued to exhibit. With a tiny committee we haven’t the impetus to mount large shows.

FPS has always supported the work of SGBI, but recently contributions have dwindled to nothing. So, over the past three years, I have done a sponsored walk and raised £1,200 in total. Raffles at Foyles have also raised some money. So I feel FPS is still useful.

I have enjoyed paying back to the group something of what I have received from it over the past forty years.”

Owen Legg Honorary Secretary FPS.