Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This organisation has been in existence for 160 years, having been founded by members of the Royal Academy, still with trustees from the Academy. It provides much needed help to artists who fall on hard times, paying grocery bills, utilities and rates. When illness strikes it can hit hard in the middle of one's career.

Over the past five years I have raised money for the AGBI, on behalf of the FPS by going on sponsored walks. I have done the Pilgrims' Way, Owain Glyndwr Trail, Hadrian and Antonine Walls and last year I tackled Offa's Dyke. This year I was all set to do the Pennine Way - 100 miles of it. But, a fortnight before setting out I suddenly developed hip pain and could hardly put one foot in front of the other. So I had to cancel all idea of doing the sponsored walk.

But, having booked up my accomodation at the beginning and end of the trip and paid for my rail fare, my wife took the decision to do the whole distance by bus. My hip had improved a bit and I did manage the first 100 yards of the Way. After that though, we used our OAP bus passes to visit Buxton, Holmfirth and Skipton. it was an enjoyable holiday, not at all adventurous as on my previous trips.

Illness and the economic crisis can hit artists hard and the AGBI is still needed to provide help when needed.

So althugh I haven't done a sponsored walk, can you give generously to this charity which the FPS has always supported,by making out cheques to the AGBI and if you pay tax to sign a paper with your address stating that you are a British Tax payer, address Burlington House,
Piccadilly, London WC1.

PS my leg is alot better now and hope to restart my walking. Owen Legg

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Winter show in November 2011 entitled 'Conflict and Resolution'

Hi everyone, here is all the information for our Winter show in November entitled 'Conflict and Resolution' which I hope you will agree is a very open ended working title.  The exhibition will be held at La Galleria, an established contemporary venue in Pall Mall.

The space is much larger than our recent exhibition venues so it will be great opportunity to showcase some of your larger work or groups of small work, this is why we have adjusted our hanging costs.

You will also notice in the information below that this exhibition will need to be invigilated by ourselves so any volunteers will be gratefully received, we have also been encouraged by the gallery owner to stay open as late as we can due to the central location, so we will need evening invigilators as well.

I would like to give each artist an A5 plaque with a brief Biog/Statement next to their work, which I will design, but can we make sure that all of us provide our own business cards/postcards etc

I know November is a while off but I thought this would give everyone a chance to create work that is applicable to the exhibition title, I am also conscious that this is our penultimate show before FPS's 60th Birthday! so I consider this a great build up to perhaps an even bigger show next year!

Don't forget to visit our website, blog and facebook sites for more information and also please do add to our Facebook page or send Peter Murry or myself any information on your upcoming exhibitions external of FPS and any other information that you think will interest the FPS members. We can no longer do a postal version of a newsletter as I think Pete's Blog and Facebook are very affective tools.
Please give me shout if you have any questions, and don't forget your membership fee's.