Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hello All,
I took part in this Biennial in 2010 and actually went to Poland for the preview. (Very cheap in October and I have long been fascinated by the old eastern bloc countries). We were treated like royalty and the exhibition space is fantastic. The whole art centre is growing to include drama, poetry readings, musical events alongside the visual arts, and the catalogues they produce for the Biennial are special. The people running the centre are extremely welcoming, and have become firm friends. The quality of the work they show is high. Poland has a great history in the visual arts, and there are some excellent Polish contemporary artists making waves at the moment.
The Biennial is already an international event, but I promised I would spread the word amongst other artist contacts here and abroad. Also, I want to maintain a contact with the thought of possible future exchange exhibitions.
If any of you are interested enough to submit (deadline 9th. June), and get accepted, and want to go in October, let me know and I can point you to flight routes, hotels, etc. Initially submit 3 images on disc with 20 euros. A mention of my name won’t swing the decisions of the selection panel, but it will show them that I have fulfilled my promise !
Here's the link