Friday, 24 April 2015


WHEN:-22nd–27th June -2015
WHERE: Menier Gallery, 51Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU
WHO: Members and selected guests
PRIVATE VIEW: -Tuesday 23rd June 6--‐9pm
(contact for submission and delivery forms)

DELIVERY DATES: Sunday 21st June at the Menier Gallery 10 – 11am
COLLECTION DATES: Saturday 27th June  5--‐6pm


2D (Per work)
£ (per work)
Works up to 30cm
in width

Up to 50cm
In width

Up to 60cm
in width

Up to 80cm
In width

Larger than 80cm
In width






Per plinth

Floor standing



*FPS takes 30% sales commission All artists will be notified of their hanging fees upon selection.

Exhibition Payments can be made upon delivery of work or via:


Online transfer:
Ref: Name MEMBERS2015
Account Number: 00014964
Sort code: 40--‐52--‐40.
(Please also confirm this transaction via email)
By Post:
Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to
Free Painters and Sculptors
And sent to FPS Open submission, 59a Charlton -Road, Harlesden, London, NW104BB.
(No cash please)


Exhibition promotion
Exhibiting artists are expected  to promote the exhibition via their networks such as representing galleries and buyers. Artists are also encouraged to engage with the FPS online media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr and share where appropriate. All links are available on

All framed works must be of high quality and contemporary in style (no gold gilt frames etc. Unless absolutely necessary please). All works must be fitted with D-rings (not mirror plates),as no drilling is permitted in the

Stewarding the exhibition
The exhibition will need invigilation throughout the week and with circumstances allowing , all exhibiting artists will be expected to be available for at least one sitting. A roster and invigilation details will be supplied .

Submitted work
Only work that has been selected will be included in the show, although there will be provision for small unframed but mounted prints in plastic sleeves for the print racks.

Artist promotional material
All artists are encouraged to produce business cards and postcards. Artist’s catalogues can also be sold.

Exhibition Insurance
Although great care will be taken of the work and Liability insurance will be provided by FPS for the show, artists must provide their own personal liability and artwork insurance.
*FPS cannot be held liable for any damage or theft of exhibited artworks.

Exhibition hanging
The FPS Exhibitions Team will hang the show. Once the hanging is agreed, the exhibition as a whole is the responsibility of the gallery curators until the work is due to come down. Any changes or alterations for the duration of the exhibition are the responsibility of the curator(s).

Collection and Delivery of work
Exhibiting artists must ensure prompt collection and delivery within the timings specified – uncollected work
will be left with the gallery to dispose of.

Sales of work
All sold work must remain in the exhibition until the collection day unless a prior arrangement has been -made. FPS sales commission is 30%

Please email exhibitions manager Gabriel Parfitt if you have any questions at:

You are warmly invited to visit Digswell Arts for our Open Studios,

Invitation to Open Studios, 9-10 May 2015
Dates for your diary: Art Fair East, FPS at Menier Gallery

You are warmly invited to visit Digswell Arts for our Open
11am-5pm, 9-10 May at The Forge, Hertford Road,
Welwyn AL6 0BU.

I will be sharing new works in mixed media on 
gesso and  recycled cardboard or wood.
 Please join us for a weekend 
of conversation, art, cake and more!

Save the date:
Art Fair East,  4-7 June, St Andrews Hall, Norwich  
Free Painters and Sculptors, 22 - 27 June,
Menier Gallery

A note on new work:

Following a move to Hertfordshire in September 2014,
 I have  been working on a new series of abstract
 landscape drawings 
and paintings

They have been produced in response to a process of 
walking,  running and observing my environment.
 Created using mixed media on gesso and recycled
 cardboard or wood, they explore  light, movement,
 land and sky and reference recollections of  other 
places including  experiences of the moors in Cornwall. 

Do visit my website to see new works and
 for more information

Warmest wishes and looking forward to seeing
 you soon!

Alex McIntyre

Our mailing address is:
Alex McIntyre
5 St John's Court
St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 4TS
United Kingdom

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

STEVE LOBB new solo exhibition of paintings and constructions at the Pie Factory Margate.

Hello Everyone

I am delighted to invite you to my new solo exhibition of paintings and constructions at the Pie Factory  Margate.
It is in the Old Town quite close to the Turner Gallery and even closer to the "Lifeboat" pub and "Greedy Cow" cafe,and runs to the 19th from 10 till six each day.

The private view is on Saturday the 9th May 6- 9 pm. I hope you can make it

For a preview of a few of the works go to
The gallery website is

Tuesday, 21 April 2015




Friday, 17 April 2015

the “show culture some love” campaign

acknowledgements to Sue Tibbles 

 Dear Supporter,

As you know, the “show culture some love” campaign is encouraging
people to engage with candidates in the forthcoming General Election
regarding the position of the party they represent in relation to issues 
of importance in the arts & culture sector.

We are pleased, therefore, to pass on details of a hustings meeting
that has been organised by the Equity North and East London Genera
Branch. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 21st April in the
Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP between 2.30 &
Entry to the event is *free* – but you need to apply for a ticket via:

With best wishes,

Tom Taylor
SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee

Brent Artists' Resource events and exhibitions: April/May 2015

John Blandy Exhibition 


Jody Little VAGUE

Jody Little VAGUE
The Framers Gallery, 36 Windmill Street, London, W1T 2JT
22 April – 2 May 2015
Private View: Tuesday 21 April, 6-8.30pm
“Bombshell II”, 2014, acrylic, pastel
The Collection
VAGUE takes its inspiration from the Hollywood greats immortalised in the seminalMadonna dance track ‘Vogue’. The portraits celebrate and pay homage to idols such as Marlon Brando and Jean Harlow but also consider a Hollywood not so glittering.
For more details please see the press release.
Please join me for the private view, where 10% of any sales will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust.
I look forward to seeing you, 

Jody Little
Twitter: @jodybig

Thursday, 16 April 2015



Friday 17th April 2015 (tomorrow night!)
At BAR Gallery

It's another great line up and possibly your only
 chance to see a graffiti artist and church organist
 showing their skills at a wooden bus stop!

Stan Grant and Joel Whybrew’s Bus Stop is back 
-providing a new space within the gallery for people
 to gather and share their experiences of the local 
area,  Bus Stop recreates a familiar and unassuming 
setting for all of us. Stan and Joel will transform the
 gallery with another ambitious sculpture and invite
 you to come along on 17th April for one night of live
 music, art and poetry from a fleet of first class local 
performers. Please feel free to bring a drawing, 
sculpture, song about your favourite travel memory,
 or just turn up, drink wine, meet the other
 passengers and enjoy the ride!

Check out the facebook event for more details! 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Malcolm Franklin Rock Paper Wood

Malcolm Franklin Rock Paper Wood

15 April - 10 May 2015
Opening times
Usual opening times
Eames Fine Art Gallery
58 Bermondsey Street
Event details
An exhibition of sculptures, original prints and drawings. 'Rock Paper Wood' features exciting new work from contemporary British sculptor Malcolm Franklin.

The exhibition opens with a Private View on Wednesday 15 April at the gallery on Bermondsey Street . There will also be a Collectors' Evening during the exhibition at the Studio where Malcolm will be discussing his work - more details to follow.

To view the online catalogue for this exhibition click here.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bruni Schling: UNFIXED FPS impromptu exhibition at the ESPACIO GALLERY- A Very Personal View.


FPS impromptu exhibition at  the
25-29 March 2015

A Very Personal View.

It all happened very suddenly. One day there was a message from Gabriel  Parfitt about an exhibition space being available at the Espacio Gallery for a reasonable price and at short notice - and by the next day a few of us had already shouted loudly:”Here!” and rallied under the “UNFIXED” banner of Sally Buchanan’s new curatorship, temporarily taking over from Gabriel. Two weeks later the impromptu show was up and running. At first there were only eight of us from FPS, then more artists joined, some of them new to FPS, and in the end there were 15.

Almost all exhibiting artists came together on Sunday 24 March in the evening to help with the hanging. A lot of work had gone on behind the scenes, demanding Sally to give all her time, some of which she had hoped to devote to making her own pieces. And there was Gabriel completely invisible this time because he was not organising the show himself, but he handed over a perfect package of good advice and admin material to Sally, refined and perfected by him over the years in which he managed the shows.  I would have never thought of Gabriel as an ‘eminence grise’, but there he was, very much in the background, giving guidance, practical advice and running to the printers.

For us, the participating artists, it was the speed, the unexpectedness of it all, the playful sense of improvisation that made the organisation appear like a child’s game. This playful mood certainly prevailed on the evening of the hanging.  I am not the only artist who never before partook in the actual physical creation of a show. Usually I am happy when one or two of my pieces are selected and I await with great expectation the moment when the show opens. I now experienced the magic process first hand; when the works go up on the wall and the show becomes alive - when the parts become a whole. 

Obviously Sally had a carefully worked out plan for the place of the individual pieces, but the spatial conditions and the nature of the art works demanded adjustment and alteration. A small show like UNFIXED allows for democratic decision making. It also encourages  a leadership style that is nowadays often referred to as feminine. Thus Sally was open to the views from all artists present who in turn had a hands-on approach to the hanging. This generated an exhilarating co-operative spirit which is so helpful in the bonding of any group. What better way to get to know each other than doing something together?

In some beautifully synchronistic way, it was not just the artists but their works as well which chimed in with each other. Yet, as always on such occasions, there were the devilishly individualistic works that seemingly do neither want to harmonise with anything else, nor do they want to be left hanging all by themselves. They needed quite a bit of coaxing into suitable spaces. Not to forget, there were also some late arrivals of art works on Monday, apt to throw the arrangements of the night before (in some places) over board. It was nearlymidnight when we went home, but Sally worked all through Monday to put on the finishing touches, (euphemism for doing the tedious and time consuming tasks such as labelling and sweeping the floor). When the appropriately named “UNFIXED” show opened on Tuesday there were, of course, still some artists diligently trying to tuck and nip their works and get them to behave properly in their allocated spaces.

By the time of the Private View on Thursday everything was fixed and sorted. The viewers were guided to the exhibition space in the basement through the colourful displays of a solo exhibition on the ground floor. There were so many people enjoying the art and the wine, that we ran out of white
wine early in the evening. Gabriel, being the purse string holder and guardian angel, sneaked out and replenished the drinks.

Then it was business as usual: patiently waiting for people to see the show and faint hopes of selling something, which alas did not happen. Zoe’s piece de resistance “Mini She” was spoken for before she got to the show. But then Sally, who was there much of the time to support the “baby sitters” had an idea:  She, Zoe Landau Konson and Maria Kaleta would do some “serious” marketing. They donned a sandwich board with the UNFIXED poster, put on paper hats and went down Brick Lane on a Saturday afternoon. Before they set off I was just about able to warn Sally that people might jump to the wrong conclusions if she advertised herself as a “free”artist.

The success of this campaign was stunning! Within three hours more people came to see the show than during the whole of the previous three days! Mainly young folks, but at times the gallery was as crowded as during the Private View. Among them was an elderly gentleman, who Zoe had urged to see the show and to talk to me in the gallery. After a short conversation between two people with entrenched views, he walked off and reported back to Zoe, that now he knew that he would never ever want to see another exhibition of contemporary art. Well, maybe even block- heads like him help to spread the name of FPS!
Among the other unexpected guests there was a man who was fascinated by Sally’s stitched up maps of the world. It must be him, who later contacted her and bought both pieces.

Looking back to this show I like to think that a new model for exhibitions has been created. My problem with our big shows, be they the members or the open show, is that the art on display is too diverse to come together in a unified way. In the UNFIXED show it was by sheer virtue of the limitation that a greater sense of coherence was achieved. I like to think that this is not merely a subjective impression because I was involved, but a perception of potential for the future. 

Sally’s advertising spree in Brick Lane could mark the beginning of more courageous and off-beat marketing that will create a wider public awareness of the existence of FPS as a force to be reckoned with, within contemporary art.


Bruni Schling