Wednesday, 27 April 2016

david white/marilyn williams/steve lobb at the Pie Factory, Margate 6-18 May

Artists: David White, Marilyn Williams and Steve Lobb

This exhibition is about ways of seeing – how artists using the clay and minerals of the earth delight in its wonders … and fear for its fragility.

David, well known for the classical forms and decorations of his pottery, now expresses in in new images and colours the contrasts between the beauty of nature and the human enterprises that are destroying it. He has also been creating large adventurous ceramics in collaborations with musicians as they play the works of Oliver Messiaen.

Marilyn’s ceramics are drawn from the sea and foreshore with its boats plants and pebbles, and many inspired by birds, their characters and plumage and often creates a playful synthesis between these sources. This year, after visits to the wilder landscapes of the north she has been looking at rock forms and fissures, and interpreting them to convey a feeling of the stillness and simplicity of land and space.

Steve is absorbed by shapes; of the plants and reflections in ponds, the people he sees on beaches and in the street, often transformed to take them away from customary recognition to open up new, sometimes surreal, interpretations. In other paintings, images of forests, broken cities and fairground rides, he targets the warmongers, plutocrats and deniers for their naked greed and abuse of power.