Monday, 20 March 2017

Liberating Arts conference and arts festival


The inaugural Liberating Arts conference and arts festival will take place on the 3rd -5th November 2017, at the University of Exeter.

The 3-day event aims to connect the trade union movement with public educators, cultural workers and creative activists and explore the role of the arts and culture in the ongoing struggle for equality and social justice.

We invite interested trade unionists, cultural workers, activists and educators, to propose workshops, performances, media screenings, exhibitions, discussions, lectures and networking events that they would like to host at the event.

If you are a trade unionist, cultural worker or creative activist and would like to propose a session for Liberating Arts 2017 then please email the event Producer, Chris Jury, on

If you wish to present an academic paper or other research-based event please email Dr Rebecca Hillman
Please share far and wide across your networks!
Chris Jury
Producer, Liberating Arts 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017


 LIVE at the  KING &QUEEN      
Dodo debut for fine Athenian poet and theatre director   
 LISA KELLY        
  Welcome return from gifted performer and Torriano organiser     
  Reading from much lauded new collection, Swiftscape     
 New and used verse from Folkestone's finest  
OPEN-MIC SPOTS sign up by 7.30              
Thursday 23 March 2017,  8pm
The King & Queen, 1 Foley St, London, W1W 6DL
£ 7 &6 concessions - open-mic spots £4
Info: 01303
Goodge Street tube.
dodo modern poets letting fly with words

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A message from Grunwick 40 and mural artist Anna Ferrie

News from Grunwick 40
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A message from Grunwick 40 and mural artist Anna Ferrie

Hello, especially to those who came to our mural workshops in Willesden last year.

We wanted to let you know about progress with the Grunwick 40 commemorative mural as many of you have been asking for an update. We had hoped to have the mural up by now but issues with site permissions and bureaucracy have meant that we can't yet move forward to install the panels. However, the mural composite designs are done and incorporate all of the artwork that was produced in the workshops. We are working hard to speed up the process to ensure the mural can be installed and unveiled within the next few months and we hope be able to bring you a firm date soon. In the meantime, you may be interested in The Art of Protest event later this month where we'll be discussing the different ways that art can be used to remember radical histories. We hope to see you either there or when we launch the mural!

Anna Ferrie and the Grunwick 40 team

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Third Show Culture Some Love Conference

Dear Friend,
(A) Show Culture Some Love Conference
We are pleased to be able to announce the provisional programme of speakers for the Show Culture Some Love Conference - which is taking place on Saturday 25 March in TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS. To register for the conference, please email
Conference Registration
Registration on the day will take place between 12 noon to 1.00pm. Free sandwiches and refreshments will be provided in Room 1.
Conference Programme
Megan Dobney, (SERTUC Regional Secretary) will open the conference.
(a) Main Session (1.00-2.30pm)
Chair: Clara Paillard (President, PCS Culture Sector)
·         Julie Ward, MEP
  • Alan Gibbons (The Library Campaign)
  • Hamida Ali (Equalities Officer, Equity)
  • Hannah Bagua Lawson (National Museums Wales), BECTU Picturehouse campaign and Tate campaign (from the floor) + any other “live” campaigns will be speaking from the floor.
(b) Equality Workshops (2.30-3.30pm)
(1) Race, Racism, Art & Culture
Chair: TBC
·         Zena Edwards (Shake!)
  • Emily Porter (Artists’ Union England)
  • Mitty Ranagavigan (International Slavery Museum)
  • Jennifer Lim, (“Yellowface”)
(2) Disability, Culture & Art
Chair: Mark Leopard (TUC Disabled Workers Committee)
·         Ellen Clifford (DPAC)
  • Ruth Gould (DadaFest)
  • Mik Scarlet (Equity)
(3) LGBT, Art & Culture
Chair: Theresa Easton (Artists Union England)
·         Matt Exley, PCS Branch Chair, National Museums Liverpool and Pride & Prejudice
  • Queering Museums – invited
  • John Shortell (Musicians’ Union) 
(4) Gender, Art & Culture
Chair: Rosie Hilal (Equity)
·         Andrea Cunningham, (V&A, Museum of Childhood) - invited
  • Bridget O’Conor, (Kings College, London)
  • Emma Reeves (WGGB)
The TUC Young Workers conference is being held on the same day in Congress House and a speaker has been invited to address our conference.
(c) Issues Workshops (4.00-5.00pm)
(1) Arts & campaigning
Chair: Shenagh Govan (Equity)
·         “Professionally Made, Professionally Paid” (Emmanuel de Lange, Equity)
  • “Work Not Play” (Dave Webster, MU)
  • “Free is NOT an option (Chris Jury, Writers Guild)
  • Artists Union England: invited
(2) The Arts & “Brexit”
Chair: Tracy Edwards (PCS Culture Sector)
·         Equity speaker: invited
  • Tony Lennon (BECTU)
  • Dave O’Brien (Edinburgh University)
(3) Developing and taking forward the Show Culture Some Love programme
Chair: Tom Taylor (SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee)
·         Clara Paillard (PCS)
  • Mike Quille (Culture Matters campaign)
  • Culture Unsustained campaign speaker – invited
  • Hannah Bagua Lawson (National Museums Wales)
(4) National Libraries and Museums Campaign
Chair: Candy Udwin (PCS)
This will be an open forum to discuss the next steps for the campaign following the demonstration on 5 November 2016.
(d) Closing session (5.00-5.30pm)
Chair: Tom Taylor (Secretary, SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee)
Speakers: Each workshop to appoint a speaker to report back the two action points agreed by the workshop.
(e) Social (5.30pm onwards) - Details to be confirmed.
(B) Other issues
(1) National Gallery Protest
PCS has organised a protest at the National Gallery on Monday 13 March from 6pm. This is in response to the failure of private contractor, Securitas, to honour an agreement reached with the union to offer “broadly comparable” pay, terms & conditions as part of the settlement of the 2015/16 dispute.
(2) Bread & Roses Poetry Award
Cultural Matters has announced details of its “Bread and Roses Poetry Award”. Prizes are £500 award for first place, £250 for second and £100 for third. Entries are invited by 31 May 2017. For full details see:
With best wishes,
Tom Taylor
Show Culture Some Love Campaign

Friday, 10 March 2017

Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park/'The Anthropocene' (Sally Buchanan)

The Anthropocene  Installation Tapestries             
 Sally Buchanan
As exhibited at The AAF Battersea 9th-12th March 2017

The Anthropocene Age is the theoretical time when man's activities began to have a significant impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems. It is not yet officially recognised as a geological epoch, although proponents say it probably began as a distinct part of the Holocene in the mid 20th Century, The Holocene started immediately after the last ice age, about 11,800 years ago. In the grand scheme of things this is a very short time as compared to the age of the earth which is thought to be about 4.54 billion years old.
  This Installation echoes the relatively short term yet dramatic influence. It is represented as a series of detailed embroidered maps, in themselves, they are relatively fragile and would not stand the test of geological time. The installation subverts different map conventions, questioning how we perceive and manipulate our planet.The small maps were originally developed in 2015 and began life as the Unfixed World project ; they are like cartoons, serving to document the artist’s numerous interpretations of both serious and satirical geo-political and environmental themes. The 80cm diameter central world map, the focal piece, is the Polar Azimuthal Equidistant Projection, which is used for calculating flight paths and for seismic and radio work.  It’s also the basis of the logo for the United Nations Flag and most ironically of all, it’s the contemporary “Flat Earth Society Map!”  This “as if a flat earth” is suspended precariously like a pendulum or a clock  above the void and is surrounded by a mirror which cannot fail to reflect the self of the viewer. The spot light above is the North Star which is the focus of rotation of our night sky.

The Anthropocene  Installation – large tapesty linen on wood  80 cm diameter x 2cm  

If you are at a loose end this weekend - do pop in to Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park and come and see my platform project there- its entitled 'The Anthropocene' - a stand at the back of the fair with 21 floating earth embroideries hovering around a large central installation. 

Actually there is a lot more to see - about 1000 other artist’s work!
Its open Friday , Saturday and Sunday  10th , 11th and 12th March  11-6pm. I will be there, (most of the time ! )

 You can buy tickets in advance on line or on the door.

Monday, 6 March 2017

"Together" Maria Kaleta private view is taking place this Thursday 9th March 6-9pm

I kindly invite you to the private view of my latest exhibition opening this week. "Together" is a follow up to my 2015 exhibition "Identity & Coexistence” and concludes my reflections on life at the meeting point of different cultures and traditions.
The private view is taking place this Thursday 9th March 6-9pm at the Gallery at the Library at Willesden Green. Around 7.30pm there will be a short concert by Zosia Bernad - a young traditional voice singer. 
I'm very excited to share these new works with you. See you on Thursday!


About this exhibition
"Together" is a follow up to my 2015 exhibition "Identity & Coexistence” and concludes my reflections on life at the meeting point of different cultures and traditions. In "Identity & Coexistence" I focused on our identities and indissoluble need to understand one’s own place in today’s increasingly complex world. The works presented this year are a summary of my experience of living in London’s multicultural society and the resulting belief that a happy, peaceful future can only be achieved by coming together.
How to build ourselves a better future is a hot topic. The last 12 months have witnessed the breaking down of communities and an increase in protectionism. Perhaps they show that tolerance and acceptance for new cultures must be mutual and changes to how our society functions should be scrutinised in the context of its own history and tradition.
Yet change is inevitable and while it is natural to fear the unknown, it is ignorant to reject something you know little about and refuse to investigate. It is disappointing that the increased virtualisation of our lives and corresponding access to any and all information is instead creating the "filter bubble" and "fake news" phenomena.
Improving the interconnected and globalised world of today for future generations will require cooperation with others. We ought to get better at identifying and learning from each other’s strengths and concentrating on what unites us, not on what divides us.
The artworks utilise an array of printing techniques - some are prints on acrylic, others on 100% cotton paper with the use of pigment ink, drawing blocks and others. A few works from "Identity & Coexistence" make a deliberate reappearance, albeit in a different spatial arrangement.
The exhibition is accompanied by two catalogues - "Identity & Coexistence" and "Together".

Private view
Thursday 9th March6-9pm
- Gallery at the Library at Willesden Green
- 95 High Rd, London, NW10 2SF

Opening times
Gallery at the Library at Willesden Green
7th through 18th March 2017
- Mon to Fri 9am - 8pm
- Sat and Sun 10am - 5pm

Patrons of the "Together " exhibition
- International Print Triennial Society in Krakow / Kaercher
- Borderlant Of Arts, Cultures and Nations Centre–Sejny
- "Muzyka Kresów" Fundation
- Nowy Czas (New Time) London cultural magazine
- Brent Council

Maria Kaleta
Painter and graphic artist, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, Department of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture in 1988 and the National College of Arts – Exposition and Display. Maria’s work includes oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, drawings, pastels, traditional printmaking, computer graphics and installations.
Her art works have been exhibited all over Europe, as well as Russia and Latin America. She lives and works in London where she exhibited at The Mall Gallery, La Galleria Pall Mall, The Menier Gallery, The Espacio Gallery, Chelsea Old Town Hall, along with The Montage and others. She took part in about No170 group and solo exhibitions and has received several awards. Her pencil sketches of London architecture are regularly published in “Nowy Czas” (New Time) London cultural magazine.

Zosia Bernad
Member of the International School of Traditional Music, from 2003 she has concentrated on singing traditional Polish songs.
She has taken part in many festivals in Poland and abroad such as KODY, The Oldest Songs of Europe, Warszawska Jesień, Phil Grobi in Clermont – Ferrand and the Umlaut Festival in Paris. She took part in many musical projects including traditional and experimental music and released her first album last year, Traditional Songs of the Lublin Area.
In the programme there will be traditional songs from the Lublin area, as well as ritualistic songs of Christmas, christenings and weddings. There will also be lyrical songs about unhappy love. The main aspect of these songs is the extent of their scale and rhythm.ale.

"Together" Maria Kaleta  private view is taking place this Thursday 9th March 6-9pm 


National Gallery
Trafalgar Square

This protest will take place outside the grand opening of the Michelangelo & Sebastiano Exhibtion to highlight to all the important guests our demand that the Gallery stick to their agreement for fairness. 

Your support for the 100 day strike by PCS members in 2015 helped win an agreement from the National Gallery and private company Securitas that included a guarantee that new Securitas staff would be given broadly comparable terms and conditions to those employed by the gallery.

But well over a year later Securitas has not made one move towards this. New staff suffer lower grades and worse pay,annual leave, sick and maternity pay.

We don't believe that workers should pay the price of privatisation. 

PCS have already raised this at national level with Securitas and the Gallery. Now we are asking National Gallery Director Dr Finaldi to intervene to make sure the agreement is implemented as soon as possible.

Please share this message, thanks!