Sunday, 29 July 2018

INsecuritY An exhibition by PCS members at National Gallery

An exhibition by PCS members at National Gallery
Opening Event: Mon 30 July 6.30-8.00 pm
Exhibition: 30 July - 10 August open weekdays 7am-7pm

PCS members working for private company Securitas at National Gallery continue to fight for fairness, decent working conditions and museums and galleries that are for people not for profit. 

Stand with NG 27
NG 27 are a group of 27 artists and art lecturers who have worked regularly at the National Gallery for decades delivering education talks and courses. Having been dismissed by the Gallery with no recognition of their history of employment they are now bringing a case for unfair dismissal.

More information and to donate to raise funds so they can get justice:

Park life - Draw with us event

Friday, 27 July 2018

Palm Tree Gallery are proud to announce their brand new exhibition, Beautiful Contradictions

Art Weekend - 27th to 29th July

Fever Dream, Ally McIntyre,

 Mixed Media on Canvas, 102cm x 165cm

Ally's use of unrealistic proportions and unconventional character combinations create striking juxtapositions. The energy that stems from her colour and composition evokes a feeling of curiosity and sometimes uneasiness.
After achieving a BA Degree in Painting and Sculpture from University of Alberta in 2013, McIntyre exhibited in several galleries including Latitude53 and the Works International Art and Design Festival with a major sculptural installation in Edmonton’s City Hall. In 2015, she completed an MA Fine Art course from Goldsmiths University, where she was awarded the Jealous Prize 2014/2015. Her work can also be seen in public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum Permanent Print Collection.
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Ferdinand, Ally McIntyre, Archival Inkjet with Screenprint, 72 x 92 cm


Nymph 1, Ally McIntyre, Mixed Media on Canvas, 66  x 84 cm

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Palm Tree Gallery invites you to join them tomorrow evening, 5th July, for a Private View of their Summer Exhibition

The Palm Tree Gallery invites you to join them tomorrow evening, 5th July, for a Private View of their Summer Exhibition, from 6pm - 9pm.


Curated by Carl Falck and Georgia Deacon, this summer exhibition brings together a body of work from CFA Creative Ltd. It showcases the work of photographers, painters, sculptors and graffiti artists, ranging from young emerging artists to Sterling Prize winners. This show embodies a variety of talent and styles. The combination of mediums and techniques have been hung in such a way that the multiple pieces come together and find harmony on the walls.


 Lydia Roberts | Susie Hamilton | Alex Hollinshead | Christy Lee Rodgers | Johnny Thornton | Elsa Taylor | Laurens Postma | Poesia | Part2ism | Andy Bradley | Beetroot | K Guy | Delia Woodman | Jonathan Callan | Ackroyd + Harvey | Genville Davey | Rowena Gilbert


Floral Skull
118 cm x 145 cm
Limited Edition Print
Ackroyd + Harvey
Shoal (24/30)
32.5cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm
Sea Break Skeleton with Alum Crystals in a perspex case.

Alex Hollinshead
163 cm x 186 cm
Mixed Media on canvas