Monday, 30 May 2016

Carol Kenna & Steve Lobb

Sally Buchanan: Down to Earth

Over the last 4 months I’ve been beavering away as an Artist in Residence 
at  The Free Space Gallery  in Kentish Town Health Centre.  It’s been quite 
an interesting life experience   -   to return as an Artist to the very Practice 
where I trained as a GP some 30 years ago! 

              Installation : Aurora Indoors  (minimum 1500 x 500 x 250 cm)

This piece is based on the idea that some elements of  the  Northern Lights 
could come inside the building.  Here  the paths of charged particles  travel
across three floors up and down the busy metal  stairwell  ;  the intention is 
to soften and  to shift and open out the energy of the space  and to change
the experience for the patients and staff using the stairs.The threads of 
imagination are coming “Down to Earth.”

 Preview date :  Thursday 9th June  6.30-9.00pm

Freespace Gallery, 
Kentish Town Health Centre
2, Bartholomew Road

I’ve made  several  site specific threaded  installations like this  and  much
more recently, some alternative low relief works, tracing out  the  paths  of
intuitive  and  imagined  energy  forms which although actually  present at
this moment in time, aren’t permitted to materialise  or to  interact directly 
with The Freespace Gallery itself!
And  so ; taking inspiration from some of the imperceptible  energy  forms 
which really do continually come ‘Down to Earth.”  I am still wondering… 
if only we knew and we could only understand a little bit more about what 
we can’t normally see …. just what the effect would be?

Exhibition runs Mon - Fri  9 - 6.30pm til 8th July 2016 

Transport - The best route is by tube to Kentish Town ( Northern Line) and 
then less than 10 minutes walk.  Alternatively  Camden Town  and Camden 
Road stations. Parking in local streets after 6.30pm is very limited indeed.

Apologies if you receive this invite via more than one route.

Please feel free to forward this mail onto anyone else you think might be
interested. In the meantime hoping you can come. 

With very best wishes and many thanks,

Sally B

Sally Buchanan

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

If you are one of our NOA artists - a previous or current 
entrant - we at NOA are constantly -talking about how 
much we appreciate your support and taking that brave 
leap by entering  the competition. It is an exciting and
 frightening process but with tangible returns.

Full Circle . . .

You keep us going so we can keep you going! 
Not only 
because we are passionate about  supporting our artists 
and The Arts, but as a Not for Profit charity, all your submission
 fees go straight back to the artists by paying for the exhibitions, 
the advertising, marketing and PR and regularly contribute to the
 Prize Fund. Now in our 20th Year we invite you to once again - 
help fund the arts - enter the competition and help us to realise 
yet another magnificent year.

If you're not one of "our" artists, why not have a go, this year.

 Entry is £20 for adults, which includes your  first submission. 
See the website for all the information about the competition.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

SPRING16 Exhibition - Free Painters and Sculptors

Lucia Gomez, Field of Mist, 2016 ,oil on canvas, 60 x 90cm
Field of Mist, 2016, oil on canvas, 60 x 90cm

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all that could make it to the goodbye party last April! The move to Scotland has been smooth and I have started working again.

Next week I am showing two of my paintings at the SPRING16 exhibition at The Fitzrovia Gallery in London together with fifteen other artists of the group Free Painters and Sculptors. (see details below)

I invite you to come and visit to see my work among that of other fantastic artists!!!


Monday, 9 May 2016


12:59 PM (3 hours ago)
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Dear Friends

Can I ask all of you for a bit of help? 

My art agent in Germany has recently put her gallery, ACC Art, on an online site, for art collectors, called Artsy. In order for the gallery and us as individual artists, to gain as much exposure and recognition as possible, we need to increase the amount of followers the gallery has and we each have. It's still early days for her gallery so it would be a huge help if you would be willing to follow the gallery and follow me ;-) (Equally, if you don't want to do this of course I completely understand). 
You can do this by clicking on the two links below. You may need to register on the site first but it's worth it, they send really interesting articles about the art world.  

Thank you so, so much.🙆 

Zoe xx

Zoë Landau Konson
Artist ~ Designer