Monday, 14 October 2019

Alexandra Harley sculptures on line

I crave forgiveness for another email hard on the heels of the last, I don't send many overall and the frequency is erratic. This missive highlights a written contribution by yours truly, to an online portal so no galleries to visit or trekking out in gloomy winter evenings -:

Highly flattered I was, to be asked to contribute to the online forum  a website devoted to abstract art, examining and debating the diverse forms of art practise. I am indebted to the incredible patience and skills of the editors John Bunker and Matt Dennis. As I had chosen to write about a visit I had made to an open studio event many years ago (and it was a very very long time ago!!), we had some interesting discussions about the subsequent changes in the art world once I had submitted my first draft. This whole project has been challenging as well as food for thought for me certainly, and extremely rewarding. I hope you enjoy my foray into the past

My sculpture Lledr is top, a small ceramic sculpture and with kind permission of Tony Smart, Stirrup 3, below. .

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